Stop Losing Guests

Last year Bakersfield’s River Run RV Park witnessed a “107% increase in online reservations” thanks to

Timberlane RV Park and Resort in Bradenton Florida “sold out the second phase before it was opened” thanks to us too.
(note: feel free to call both parks for a reference)

Your guests have changed. They search, compare and discover parks online and expect very specific things in order to make decision on where to stay. What does everyone of them have in their hand when they come in to check-in? A smart phone not a printed directory.

In fact your average guest will visit 28 different websites over 56 different sessions… all researching places to stay. Except when they see a solid video of your park. In those cases 73% will book immediately once they see the video.

Why work with the printed directory company when you can spend less and get more with a company built strictly for the digital age? Grow your occupancy, reach more guests and get rid of the headache of wondering “what do I need to do online”. Give us a call and discover the difference we can make in your business.

Work with the Best in the Business

Greetings I am Mark Koep the founder and CEO of We want to make camping easier and more fun by ensuring your park thrives. The biggest problem you face as a park operator is affordably reaching, engaging and capturing your ideal clients. By working with park operators both small and big we know what works, what doesn’t and how to make you more money.

Our team works hard to engage with all the entities within the RV and camping market. We have developed an exclusive marketing system that generates incredible results for park operators while costing considerably less than anything else available. Take a moment to review our services and then schedule your Digital Marketing Checkup to get started on your path to successfully marketing your park online.

We help grow your occupancy

  1. Advertising to our 100,000 monthly visitors, people looking for a place to camp.
  2. Professional video production designed to excite, invite and engage with the guests you want at your park.
  3. Professional photography of your property to show it in the best light possible.
  4. Website development – clean functional sites built with all the tricks we know to drive guests in.
  5. Digital marketing management – from Google to Facebook and other sites in between we will identify, plan and implement a marketing system that engages your customers when they are looking for properties like yours.
  6. Financing Options Available – If cash is tight we even have financing options Click Here

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