From the mountains to the valleys to the oceans white with foam… yes God did bless this land and gave us all an amazing way to tour and discover the surreal awe of the place. Your RV is the perfect tool to go out and discover, see, experience, and enjoy so much of what makes the US incredible.

At we get asked often, daily actually, where is the best place for me to go in my RV. While we generally answer with an “it depends” sort of response the reality is there are a few places that you absolutely must go in your RV. The following are our 5 top places to camp in a RV before you die:

1. US 395 Corridor from Mojave to Carson Valley

If there is any route that was purpose built for RV travel it is US 395 in, mostly, California. A smooth stretch of nearly continuous 4 lane black top the highway takes travelers through the scenic Owens Valley, over the Mammoth Caldera, down the Walker River basin, and up to the base of the South Lake Tahoe range of the Sierra Nevada.

Spectacular in either direction (north or south) RVers are presented with some of the more awe inspiring vistas found in the world and some amazing points of interest along the way. In addition there are a good mix of full hookup private resorts, forest service, BLM, and county park campgrounds all along the route for RV travellers to enjoy.

Passable 9 months of the year the route is never really crowded and campsites are always available.

Search: California City, Lone Pine, Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Bridgeport, Minden NV for places to stay.

2. Florida Keys Highway

Made famous for current generations by the movie True Lies the Florida Keys Overseas Highway connects the mainland US with the only tropical paradise that is part of the continuous US. The Florida Keys are busy year round in the winter as a destination for “snow-birds” and travelers getting away from the cold and in the summer for Floridians going somewhere a “little less humid”.

A smooth surfaced highway with plenty of food, fuel and sights the trip starts at Homestead and ends at the Southern Most Point in Key West. One of the few destinations you can take your RV and meet up with friends who just paid $3000 for a Caribbean Cruise!

Advanced reservations are nearly always necessary when travelling to the Keys as it really is a year round destination. For RVers your only note of caution is watch long term forecasts for potential tropical (or more severe) storms. While it may take a hurricane to impact the fixed properties the last place you want to be in a Tropical Storm is in a RV.

Search: Key Largo, Islamaorada, Sunset Key, and Key West.

3. Glacier National Park

An absolute must visit with your RV Glacier National Park is more of a destination than a road trip. Located at the extreme northwestern end of Montana Glacier National Park is home to a series of receding glaciers, majestic back-country, grizzly bears, and amazing landscapes.

Highlighted by the ethereal Going to the Sun Road Glacier offers RVers an excellent place to “go-to” where you can hookup at a full service RV resort and venture off on day trips into the wilderness. For novices recognize that there are two sides to the large park and in your RV those sides are only accessible via US 2; Going to the Sun Road is strictly off limits to larger vehicles.

Plan to spend at least 1 week in the area with 2 weeks being ideal.

Search: Coram MT, East Glacier MT, and St Mary MT for camping options with hookups. Inside the park are some great campgrounds with no hookups.

4. Middle America

This is a generic destination because your location and preference will drive the route. Middle America is often viewed as the place people come from but many RVers have rediscovered how amazing it is to visit.

During summer months states like Nebraska, Iowa, southern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota offer RVers miles of paved county and state highways devoid of traffic and full of charm. Pass thru small farm towns and historic destinations used as jumping off spots for manifest destiny of the past and exploration in the present.

Covered with lakes and rivers the area is an anglers dream. Most of these states have excellent, clean and well run public parks with full and partial hookups for less than $20 per night!

Search for any location 50 miles out from a major city to discover amazing beauty.

5. White Mountains to Acadia

For East coast bound RVers the White Mountains of New Hampshire and then East to Acadia National Park provides for excellent visceral landscapes, plenty of fun and great camping too. Take a car trip to the top Of Mt Washington, drive the Kancamagus Highway, and then head out to the quiet coastal area around Acadia. This region requires a bit more experience driving the RV with narrower roads and mountain passes but the beauty is worth the trip.

Search: White Mountain NH, Acadia National Park

The RV is the perfect way to explore areas that many people miss. These 5 places to take the RV are by no means the only places to go. We have documented nearly 16,000 places to camp across the US and all of them are waiting for you to come out and discover your great American adventure.

What location would you add to this Top 5?

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