360 Videos of Campgrounds

Really Look Where You’re Going!

CampgroundViews.com has changed the way you will discover your perfect campsite. With the release of over 275 360 VR tours we help you virtually explore some of the most amazing places to camp in the country.  Click here to see them in action.

Like Google StreetView the 360 video tours allow you to see a street level view of a campground. Better than Google StreetView these 360 video tours are… videos (whereas StreetView uses pictures). Click here to browse them all.

How to Use

When interacting with the 360 video tour you will be watching a YouTube video. Step 1 is to, always and every-time, increase the quality settings.

By default YouTube begins loading the video in a grainy low resolution format. A 360 video uses a much larger image in comparison to a standard video. The larger image takes up more bandwidth and as a result loads faster in lower resolution. All of our videos have been uploaded in a 4K high resolution format.

If you are on a PC/ desktop you can use your cursor to grab the screen and look around, hit pause to take a longer look, and jump forward or backward (using the video progress bar).

On a mobile device (phone or tablet) open the video in the YouTube App to get a more immersive experience. On mobile you can set the view to move your phone to look around OR set the experience to look around using your finger.


Q: The video is not clear at all?
A: You need to increase the quality setting on the video. Depending upon device and interface the quality setting can be found by clicking settings and quality. Increase as high as your bandwidth will allow.

Q: All I see is the ground with your logo on a white “frisbee”; what’s wrong?
A: You are probably viewing the video on a mobile device. Try this… physically pick up your phone/ tablet and hold it in front of you, to the side of you and “look” all around with it. You can disable this functionality and use your finger to drag and look around too.

Q: How do I know exactly what site I am looking at?
A: The vast majority of the tours have been edited to start at site 1 or loop A and work numerically forward through the numbers and alphabet. You will need to reference a site map or landmark to orient yourself.

Q: I don’t see anything except for straight down the road, how come?
A: By design you need to take action to “look around”. On a computer use your cursor to move the screen. On a mobile device physically turn the device to face it left, right, up, or down.

Q: Can I view these in my Samsung Gear or Google Pixel VR Goggles?
A: Absolutely yes. Use the Google Cardboard App to play the video and enjoy the experience. Note that the video is moving so viewers should sit down while viewing.

Q: I own/ manage a campground how can I get this for my park?
A: Contact us by clicking here. We are scheduling appointments for this season and have limited availability.

Q: Can I share one, a few, or all of these on my own website?
A: Per our terms of use these licensed videos are copyrighted and contain IP specific to CampgroundViews.com. We encourage and authorize use by individuals to share these videos with friends and family to aid their planning of camping trips. We also encourage and authorize use by news media agencies preparing stories about camping, RVing, outdoor adventure, or related topics to include the videos within their story. Any commercial use must be approved by us. If in doubt please contact us to obtain permission. Media agencies are encouraged to review our media information page

Q: What National Parks are covered in this first release?
A: All the front-country (you can drive to it) campgrounds in the following parks have been included:

In addition the following National Parks have a select number of campgrounds included:

Q: What other parks are included?
A: We have a single goal to make camping more accessible to as wide an audience of people as possible. We accomplish this task by gathering descriptions, pictures, reviews, standard videos and 360 videos. We are constantly adding more of all of these elements to this directory with well over 2800 videos, 20,000 photographs, and 15,650 parks listed. To view all the parks currently listed with a 360 video click here.

If you have additional questions feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.