35 Biggest RV Beginner Mistakes to Avoid: A Comprehensive Guide

Starting your journey as an RV beginner is an exciting step towards a life of adventure and exploration. However, it’s essential to be aware of the common pitfalls and mistakes that many beginners make. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the 35 biggest RV beginner mistakes to avoid, helping you kickstart your RV experience on the right foot.

1. Skipping RV Driver Training:

  • Not taking the time to learn how to drive and handle an RV properly.

2. Overlooking RV Maintenance:

  • Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to costly repairs down the road.

3. Ignoring Weight Limits:

  • Overloading your RV can affect safety and performance.

4. Not Leveling Properly:

  • Failing to level your RV can lead to discomfort and issues with appliances.

5. Inadequate Trip Planning:

  • Not planning your route and reservations in advance can result in stressful travel.

6. Overpacking:

  • Bringing too much stuff can make your RV feel cramped and heavy.

7. Running Out of Supplies:

  • Failing to stock up on essentials can lead to inconvenient restocking trips.

8. Using the Wrong Toilet Paper:

  • Using regular toilet paper can cause plumbing issues.

9. Forgetting Wheel Chocks:

  • Neglecting wheel chocks can lead to accidents while parked.

10. Ignoring Tire Maintenance: – Inadequate tire care can result in blowouts and accidents.

11. Not Securing Items: – Unsecured items can become projectiles during travel.

12. Overextending Your Drives: – Pushing for long drives without breaks can lead to fatigue and stress.

13. Ignoring RV Height: – Not accounting for your RV’s height can lead to collisions with low structures.

14. Not Checking for Clearances: – Overlooking clearances on narrow roads or bridges can be dangerous.

15. Not Leveling the Fridge: – A poorly leveled fridge can lead to spoilage and inefficiency.

16. Rushing into Campground Setup: – Hasty setups can result in unlevel sites and discomfort.

17. Staying in the Wrong Campgrounds: – Choosing the wrong campground can impact your overall experience.

18. Lack of Emergency Preparedness: – Not having an emergency kit can be risky in unforeseen situations.

19. Avoiding RV Education: – Failing to educate yourself on RV systems and operations can lead to confusion.

20. Not Conducting Practice Drives: – Inadequate practice can make driving your RV a stressful experience.

21. Overloading Freshwater Tank: – Overfilling your freshwater tank can lead to water waste and weight issues.

22. Neglecting RV Security: – Failing to secure your RV can lead to theft or vandalism.

23. Running Out of Propane: – Not monitoring your propane levels can affect your comfort and cooking.

24. Not Having a Sway Control System: – Sway can be dangerous; investing in a sway control system is essential.

25. Not Budgeting Properly: – Inadequate budgeting can lead to financial stress on the road.

26. Ignoring Campground Rules: – Disregarding campground rules can lead to eviction.

27. Not Checking Your Campsite: – Failing to inspect your campsite for hazards can lead to accidents.

28. Not Securing the Awning: – Unsecured awnings can be damaged or cause accidents.

29. Ignoring the Weather: – Not planning for adverse weather conditions can be risky.

30. Not Having Adequate Insurance: – Insufficient insurance coverage can lead to financial troubles.

31. Forgetting to Empty Tanks: – Neglecting to empty gray and black water tanks can lead to backups.

32. Not Seeking Help: – Being too proud to ask for assistance when needed can lead to problems.

33. Lack of Navigation Skills: – Not understanding your RV’s GPS or navigation system can cause delays.

34. Rushing Through Checklists: – Completing checklists hurriedly can result in overlooked tasks.

35. Neglecting Your RV’s Unique Features: – Each RV is different, and not understanding its features can lead to underutilization.


As an RV beginner, you have the opportunity to embark on an incredible journey filled with adventures and new experiences. By avoiding these 35 common mistakes, you’ll be better prepared to make the most of your RV lifestyle while staying safe, comfortable, and stress-free. Remember that every RVer was once a beginner, and learning from your mistakes is all part of the journey. Enjoy your travels!

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