Almost 4 years ago we set out on a crazy little mission with a simple goal of making it easier for campers like you to find great places to stay. After experiencing the pain of traveling to a new area and campground only to find it was not at all like the website photos or the reviews on Trip Advisor or explained it to be; we decided there has to be a better way.

The epiphany hit us 4 years ago while staying at Normandy Farms in Foxboro MA. This resort is one of the highest rated parks in the nation but at the time it was difficult, even with the glowing reviews, to really know what we were getting ourselves into. After walking on the property for 30 seconds we knew it really was a great place and we recognized that a 30 second video was all anyone needed to see in order to know it was great too. With our old video camera we filmed the first video and launched

Over the initial few years we dedicated all of our time to making sure our database was incredibly accurate. Unlike the vast majority of businesses in the US campgrounds and RV Parks are unique in that they are difficult to gather a quick list on. Major search engines, including Google, and business data providers, like InfoUsa, have a really hard time mapping and getting even basic info on all the parks and resorts. Instead the gathering of this data is best suited to a manual state by state and city by city research project to gather and, importantly, verify all the location information.

As we slowing updated with this accurate information campers and RVers started to find the website. A few enthusiastic travelers even took the initiative to start submitting raw footage of parks. Time passed and the directory formed into a very accurate reference point and our video library expanded rapidly. To date we now have over 16,000 campgrounds and RV Parks mapped and verified and today we are proud to announce the completion of the 1000th park video.

The new video was created with footage submitted by managers of the park who shot the footage using an iPad. As with all of our videos the first person view is what you will see when you visit the park. There are no fancy angles, zooms, or lighting adjustments; just the park as it is today. Thank you Normandy Farms for taking the time to be our 1000th video!

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