10 Best Travel Trailers with a King Bed – A Comfortable Haven for Tall RVers

For tall RV enthusiasts, finding the perfect travel trailer with enough sleeping space and comfort can be a challenge. Luckily, there are travel trailers designed with tall campers in mind, featuring spacious king-size beds that provide ample room for a good night’s sleep. As an RV expert, I’m here to guide you through a selection of the 10 best travel trailers with a king bed, offering both comfort and convenience for tall RVers.

1. Airstream Classic

The Airstream Classic is renowned for its timeless design and luxurious interior. It offers a spacious king-size bed and a host of high-end amenities.

2. Keystone Montana

The Keystone Montana is a fifth-wheel travel trailer with a king-size bed, residential-level comfort, and a well-appointed interior suitable for extended trips.

3. Jayco Pinnacle

The Jayco Pinnacle is a luxurious fifth-wheel trailer with a comfortable king bed, multiple slide-outs, and high-quality construction.

4. Forest River Cedar Creek

The Forest River Cedar Creek series features a range of fifth-wheel trailers with king beds, ideal for tall RVers seeking comfort and elegance.

5. Grand Design Reflection

The Grand Design Reflection offers a spacious king bed and thoughtful design, making it a popular choice for those who prioritize comfort.

6. Northwood Arctic Fox

The Northwood Arctic Fox is known for its durability and all-season capabilities. It features a king bed and is perfect for tall campers who enjoy off-grid adventures.

7. KZ Durango Gold

The KZ Durango Gold offers a comfortable king bed and a host of amenities, making it a top choice for full-time RV living.

8. Winnebago Minnie Plus

The Winnebago Minnie Plus is a lightweight and well-designed travel trailer with a king bed, suitable for both short getaways and extended vacations.

9. Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite

The Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite series features travel trailers with king beds, perfect for tall RVers who value a lightweight and efficient design.

10. Oliver Legacy Elite II

The Oliver Legacy Elite II is a fiberglass travel trailer with a king bed and exceptional build quality, offering comfort and durability for tall campers.


Tall RVers no longer need to compromise on comfort when selecting a travel trailer. The 10 options listed here provide spacious king-size beds and a range of amenities to ensure a cozy and restful experience on the road. Whether you’re looking for luxury, durability, or lightweight design, these travel trailers cater to the needs of tall campers, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of RV travel without sacrificing a good night’s sleep.

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