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  1. dido.brack

    1st impression driving into park says nice!
    Most recent stay was 07/10//16 & 07/11/16 (I ‘m late in posting my review) . . . We camp in a Little Rig “Tear Drop” style RV only 15′ long w/o toilet or shower ~ plus we like to eat outdoors using the picnic table and set up our dining canopy for sun and weather protection and thus rely on condition of campgrounds facilities and being nearby our site ~ so our critique is focused in that area.

    Park has 2 restroom/shower buildings – PROS and CONS of each. CONS: We camped close to very old outdated restroom/shower building. While set up unisex style with private separate toilet/sink/shower rooms, all were dismal not cheery looking in need of some TLC w/new fixtures and updating,.Rooms were sized ok, but had poor ventilation and steamed up quickly and no way to escape the air but open the door, then you’re exposed. Showers were very small/tight w/little room to move around. Rubber mats helps to absorb the water on the floor – but still wear your clogs. PROS: is the shelves and hooks for your stuff plus a small stool for sitting [all thoughtful convenience necessities for campers] Also the newer shower/restroom building located adjacent to the pool near the entrance of the grounds is very nice All unisex rooms set up the same way but larger, more modern bright and clean. Nice if some day they tear down old building and replace with copy of newer building as described.

    We camped at the back end of the campground on the grass and among the trees, which was very nice roomy and quiet. No issues there at all – nice area for big rvs down to tents. Campground layout was good w/pool, good condition gavel interior roads, cabins for rent, permanent and seasonal sites too – all well kept and neat looking. Appearance of grounds get best rating shows management cares. ,

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