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  1. dido.brack

    Not actually a resort but a darn nice rv park/campground
    Most recent stay was 07/07/16 thru 07/10/16 (I ‘m late in posting my review) . . . We camp in a Little Rig “Tear Drop” style RV only 15′ long w/o toilet or shower ~ plus we like to eat outdoors using the picnic table and set up our dining canopy for sun and weather protection and thus rely on condition of campgrounds facilities and being nearby our site ~ so our critique is focused in that area.

    So the PROS of the restroom/shower/laundry building We DID get close ~ just across the roadway. They’re nice and clean and bright – somewhat updated w/tiled floors and private fiberglass shower stalls w’/ changing area. Communal sink area also nice; not crowded and they have paper towels for campers to clean up area after use . . . and they do!. And the CONS: The shower stalls w/changing area very small [can hardly move about to dry off]. No rubber mats on floor that are soppy wet so you’re standing in dirty water trying to dry off No bench to sit but (1) folding chair to share with 3 stalls and if you use it, there’s no room to move – only 1 hook and no shelves same at communal sink very inconvenient

    Overall the entire park itself is very accommodating w/large roomy sites [some shady] each with picnic table and fire ring. We were in the “open grass field area” [no shade however] that made a big circle around the amphitheater/stage building – it was nice. Roads are gravel as are the sites, fairly level. There are 2 pools, mini-golf, volley ball nets, playground, and community area within a few miles of the thru-way yet very peaceful and quiet setting.

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