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  1. dido.brack

    Narrow sites & I-80 traffic road noise
    Most recent stay was 6/16/16 – I’m “late” in posting my review ~ We camp in a Little Rig “Tear Drop” style RV only 15′ long w/o toilet or shower ~ plus we like to eat outdoors using the picnic table and set up our dining canopy for sun and weather protection and thus rely on condition of campgrounds facilities and being nearby our site ~ so our critique is focused in that area.

    Did get close to restroom/showers ~ right across the road. PROS: Restroom/showers are newer modern look w/full on tiled walls/floors. Good water pressure & hot. Shower stalls are private combined w/changing area a little small but still ok in size w/bench for seating and hooks for clothes/towel. Appreciate the paper towels for clean-up of area after use, some campgrounds have only air dryers. CONS: need rubber floor mat in changing area when exiting shower, a small shelf would be nice for your stuff/ need hooks and shelves at shared sink area all for conveniences that many campgrounds forget.

    CONS: all sites are narrow and close together / tight and narrow greenspace barley enough room to use the picnic table / packed in like a can of sardines forget about any reasonable privacy and of course the constant traffic road noise from I-80 is ongoing all night long so typical of many KOA’s. Never could understand why they want to build them so close and in view of the interstate

  2. percywittaker.1

    Nice folks in the office and Laramie is such a great town it made up for the constant hum of the interstate right there. We were two rows over from it and the highway out there must be grooved weird because it is not so much engine noise as it is a high pitch tire hum. Not bad when you are sleeping with the fan on but still too noisy to be peaceful at night.

    The Territorial Prison is just down the road and an absolute must see. Verizon data and phone worked good and the fuel stop is right on the way back towards (or off) the interstate. Met some of the locals living in the mobile homes around the park and that was great. A few worked on the trains and some others with the state; lots of great stories and nice folk.

    We couldn’t get in at the fairgrounds because they had a 4H event going on.

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