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  1. percywittaker.1

    Absolutely no complaints about this little known amazing RV campsite. Now the sites themselves are nothing to get excited about being that they are simply backins against a fence in a parking area. The sites were not level front to back or side to side… but so what! We paid $34 per night for 30 amp full hookups and could walk from our RV right out on to the tidal beach (at low tide) and out to the main beach in less than 20 minutes! This is super high dollar real estate and worked fine for us. In addition we stayed over the weekend and had a blast at 2 unrelated conventions taking place on the property! During the week there was little traffic although some of the delivery drivers did drive rapidly through the lot.

    Verizon 4G and phone was solid and fast. We did not get a chance to ride the trail north from the park but did see it and it looks good. During our stay the Solano entrance was closed for construction forcing us to drive right through the main part of the fairgrounds (through the main gates) and make a hard left turn to the RV sites.

    Onsite camphost was very nice.

    If you are in to kayaking check the tide charts. During high tide the tidal flat was completely full and would make for some great paddling.

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